What deterred your margins will now improve it

— One Time Activities —

Activity Deliverables Time (hours billed)
Home Page Template Development
  • All relevant keywords with volume
  • Keyword difficulty
  • LSI and long tail keywords
  • Competitor keywords
  • Content calendar
Competition Research
  • Keywords used on page
  • Ad copies and keywords
  • Keywords for which they are getting traffic
  • Backlinks list (Dofollow and NoFollow)
  • Link analysis (where they get links from and we don’t)
  • Upto 5 competitors
Landing Pages Template Development Landing page template 1.00
Services Page Template Development Product/Service Page Template 2.00
Home Page Template Development Home Page Template 4.00
Database Segmentation and Cleaning Segmentation according to Campaign goals and list cleaning Varies based on database
Lead Scoring Upto 30 attributes 0.50
Email Template Development Email template 2.00
Persona building

Documented personas for each target user. Timedepends on

  • How much clarity we have about the persona
  • Attributes to be filled
0.5 - 1 / persona
Adwords PPC Setup Defining ad groups, targeting, keywords, bids, tracking URLs. Upto 4 ad groups, maximum 5 ads each 2
Social media ads setup Defining ad groups, audience targeting, interests, companies, bids, tracking code on landing page alignment etc
Upto 4 ad groups, maximum 5 ads each, per social network

— Monthly Activities —

Activity Deliverables Time (hours) Quantity per month Hours per month
KW Research with On-page elements Focus & LSI Keywords with volume, KD, Trend + Title + Meta + URL +H1 - For each Page 1.5 6 9
On-page SEO Management On-page optimization and addressing site health issues - Implement changes weekly, upto 10 pages 4 4 16
Biweekly/Monthly Reporting of SEO Inferences and Performance Report 3 2 6
Landing Page + TYP + TYE LP + TYP + TYE (including all simple content) 5 4 20
Workflow setup Upto 5 steps 0.5 4 2
CTA Design with Variation CTA Buttons to be used at multiple pages on website .5 2 1
PPC Management Optimizing campaigns for goals. Adding, removing k/w, changing ad copies, adjusting bids etc - 1 hour per day - upto 3 ad groups 1 22 22
Monthly Reporting of PPC Inferences and Performance Report 5 1 5
Social Media Updates Create content from content on the website and schedule/post. Upto 3 updates a day per channel, 3 channels. .75 22 1
Social Media Ads Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter ads.tweaking ad copies, adjusting bids etc. 2 hours per week - per social network. 6 4 24
Email Creation and Send Create email with simple content (upto 50 words) and 1 CTA (assumes template is defined).Schedule/send email. 2 5 10
Email Campaign Analysis Report Monthly Inferences and Performance Report.Upto 10 emailers a month 3 1 3
Monthly marketing report Traffic analysis, SEO rankings,inferences & performance 8 1 8

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Knowiz performed content marketing, email marketing, and SEO services to increase the client’s traffic and sales conversions. The team used the client’s existing sales cycle to develop a unique strategy. The client’s sales cycle has been reduced from three weeks to two.
Sales Acceleration Agency, Germany
The team from Knowiz are an important part of our client service delivery team, bringing expertise in inbound marketing, SEO and marketing automation and supporting our client's revenue performance goals.
Inbound Marketing Agency, Boston