Focus on the SEO and SEM aspects of the digital marketing strategy of your client’s competitors.

It covers

  • Key messaging on main pages, assess persona, give qualitative feedback
  • Keywords used on page
  • Ad copies and keywords
  • Keywords for which they get traffic
  • Backlinks list ("dofollow" and nofollow)
  • Link analysis (where they get links from, and client doesn’t)

How we do it

  • Understand the business, personas and the website goals
  • Use tools to find data about traffic, keywords, backlinks, domain strength, etc
  • Assess each competitor website for their messaging, persona, UI impact and content

What we need from you

  • URL of website
  • Briefing about the business
  • Personas being targeted
  • Competitors

Tools used

Time taken to deliver deck
4 days after briefing

Amplify Content Performance while reducing Resources

Outsource Content Promotion