How can the discoverability of the prospect’s website improve?

We use industry leading tools to get

  • An overview of traffic, organic keywords, domain rating, URL rating, etc
  • A detailed view of On page elements, Backlinks, Page Performance, Site Health
  • Performance of keywords
  • Comparison with competition
  • Qualitative checks of SEO elements
  • Recommendations on SEO interventions needed

How we do it

  • Understand the business, personas and the SEO goals
  • Run industry leading tools to find out SEO performance across various parameters
  • People with content and SEO expertise review SEO elements

What we need from you

  • URL of website
  • Goals of the website
  • Personas being targeted
  • Access to analytics (not mandatory)

Tools used

Time taken to deliver deck
4 days after briefing

Amplify Content Performance while reducing Resources

Outsource Content Promotion