Advanced Lead Scoring and Workflows

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to leverage HubSpot Lead Scoring and Workflows better for your business.

About the Event

How can you sift through a large volume of leads, and ensure that your sales team spends their valuable time engaging only with the ones who are really interested in your offering? By scoring the leads you generate based on multiple attributes that might be useful to your business.

HubSpot can help you quickly streamline and automate this process with Predictive Lead Scoring software. It allows lead scoring not just for contacts in the CRM, but also for companies and deals as a whole. And in this session, we show you exactly how to set this up for your business.

Join us for the first HUG event of the year with our very own Sidharth Manchanda, Customer Success Specialist at Niswey. He will be leading a session on ‘Advanced Lead Scoring and Workflows’ where he will cover:

  • How to set up multiple lead scoring properties across objects in HubSpot
  • Showcase advanced lead scoring and workflows used by organisations that Niswey assisted
  • How to set up complex HubSpot workflows for different use cases

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Sidharth Manchanda

Sidharth Manchanda, Customer Success Specialist, Niswey

Sidharth Manchanda is the Customer Success Specialist at Niswey, a HubSpot Elite Solutions Partner Agency, based in India. His deep understanding of cross-functional aspects of projects helps him deliver positive customer experiences, across sales, marketing and customer success practices. Sidharth excels in being a customer-facing problem solver, as well as a diligent backend solution builder for platforms as complex as the HubSpot suite, Adobe AEM, and Salesforce.His solid understanding of business and technology, backed by his curiosity and immense patience makes him a great fit for all things martech. He has been delivering strategic implementation solutions for Niswey’s HubSpot clients for the past year, growing rapidly from simple to complex projects.You can have endless discussions with him on tech, movies, travel, or have a table tennis match. His personality ensures you will have fun!


Abhinav Sahai, Co-Founder and COO of Niswey

Abhinav Sahai is the Co-founder and COO at Niswey, a HubSpot Elite Solutions Partner, based in New Delhi. He is the HUG Leader of New Delhi. He has led his team to build the HubSpot-WhatsApp integration. Abhinav is passionate about sports, a keen follower of football, and a Manchester United fan. In his dedicated volunteering time, Abhinav designs programs for the underserved youth in Delhi, and supports several non government organizations involved in education.

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