Building your Automation Journey with HubSpot

Watch the on-demand webinar on how or why you should go about a sales and marketing automation journey for your business.

About the Event

Welcome to the final HubSpot Users Group event of the year! 

This time around we are bringing leaders from different organizations to share their automation journey with us. We cover topics including:

  • How to bring about a change in the mindset of your organization/team when starting your automation journey
  • What skills/ team to build
  • Key do's and don'ts while starting out
  • How you can kick-off your sales or marketing automation with HubSpot
  • What is the impact your business may have because of this change

The panel discussion is moderated by Abhinav Sahai, COO Niswey, and New Delhi HUG Leader. The discussion revolves around how or why building a sales or marketing automation journey has been useful for these businesses. 

Check out the event details here, and sign up to watch the webinar on-demand!




Abhinav Sahai, Chief Operating Officer, Niswey

Abhinav is the Co-Founder and COO of Niswey, a HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner agency, based in New Delhi. He is the HUG Leader of New Delhi. He has led his team to build the HubSpot-WhatsApp integration and Irayo, a DIY marketing tool. Over the past year, he has observed how the HubSpot-WhatsApp integration is transforming sales and customer support for Niswey clients. Abhinav is passionate about sports, a keen follower of football, and a ManU fan. In his dedicated volunteering time, Abhinav designs programmes for the underserved youth in Delhi, and supports several non government organizations involved in education.

Praveen 3

Praveen Agarwal, CFO at DHI International

Praveen has 15+ years of expertise in leadership roles within manufacturing, renewable energy, healthcare and export-based organizations having global operations. Praveen has strong operational experience, and specializes in improving business processes through business partnering and financial management. He has also been awarded 'India's most Promising Future CFO' for 2016 by Business World magazine and Yes bank in Emerging Large Corporate Category.

Aditi S Biswas

Aditi S Biswas, Senior Manager, Learner Insights at Harappa

Training in Statistics and Anthropology allows Aditi to operate under multiple labels - Behavior Scientist, Experience Designer, Market Intelligence Specialist. Her interests have always aligned with understanding how behavior change happens.

ankur dp

Ankur Garg, Co-founder & Global Sales Head at Foyr

Ankur is the Co-founder & Global Sales Head at Foyr, a leading interior design software company, based in Philadelphia. He has over 20 years of multi-disciplinary expertise in Sales & Business Operations, project management, strategic planning, operations and team management. He has been with Foyr since its inception, taking multiple leadership roles within the company and driving Foyr's business operations across India, Asia & now globally. He specializes in building high performance teams, finding innovative solutions and simplifying work processes. Ankur is passionate about fitness and health, an avid marathoner, cyclist and triathlete. He loves spending time outdoors, travelling to new places and experiencing local food & culture.

meena nitesh

Nitesh Meena, Marketing Head, Workex

Nitesh is the Marketing head at Workex, an AI-driven hiring and recruitment solutions company, based in Bangalore. He is a marketing professional with over 7 years of expertise across acquisition, retention, growth, and product marketing.

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